The 3rd Race of Blade & Soul?

In the TIG’s 47 Q&A, PD Bae hints that a 3rd class is revealed in the video–even though not said so officially:

Q25: In the trailer, a character grew something from his back as he was casting a skill.
Bae: The Gon race’s race-specific skill triggered it.  I would like to make the race-specific skills varied and deep.  The scene–towards the end of the video–in which the girl is surrounded by flowers is also a race-specific skill. If you look closely, you will see some characters(especially a female midget) and others that are not introduced yet.

And, eVenom at pointed out in this thread that the third race maybe this fox-like race and its race-specific skill is transforming in to a wolf-like monster.

I was just looking at the trailer for Blade and Soul once again, and I saw that one of the confirmed races, which doesn’t have a name known to use yet, has fox ears and a tail.

Again in the trailer, we see 2 more fox-like creatures, but at first glance you might think of them being the same thing as each other; just a mob in one scene running, and in the other, just standing still. But I took a closer look and got the idea that this smaller race might just be able transform into a werewolf-type monster. Just look at these 2 pictures I screenshotted from the video:

The first could easily be a transformation of the fox-eared race, while the second could be just a simple monster/boss or an npc. This excites me a bit because I like the idea of very surprising and unique race abilities and traits. Anyone else think that this might be possible?

And, he is right! (of course, this is still a speculation, but we are 99% confident) After receiving this information, I watched the trailer three more times to see if the character makes another appearance.  He does:

Is this the 3rd race in PVP

Is this the 3rd race in PVP?

However, the monster in the 3rd screenshot is probably not of the 3rd race.  As eVenom pointed out, the furry lower half of the monster matches with that of those in the 2nd and 4th sceenshots, but not with the 3rd.  It is possible that the monster is a mob/boss, but I am more willing to bet that it’s an NPC.  Why? I have my a theory which, also, explains why they have that ability.  I am working on another, but small, Q&A post and it includes more specific information about the storyline.  That might give you a clue ;).


The old crappy screenshots are replaced with these new ones.  Thanks again to eVenom for hi-res pictures. He also added descriptions of the characters in interest to help us identify similarities and differences.

Also, ~Lady Kismet~, from, suggested the following as more evidence.


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