More Q&A with Blade & Soul PD and AD

It looks like the TIG’s 47 Q&A was a compilation rather than an exclusive interview with the PD and AD.  Several Korean webzines and websites wrote similar Q&A articles. However, TIG left out some interesting questions and answers. I visited about 10~15 different websites and game portals to collect the missing q&a. Also, the admin at discovered TIG’s video interview which contains an important detail not mentioned in the TIG’s 47 Q&A. Thanks to for the information, and the translation is done by vigevano.

From’s article:

Q: In the video, a character was able to climb and run vertically(?
A: There are several skills like that(**NOTE: he’s referring to “swift jump” skill which I lamely called mid-air-dash skill).  With them, players will be able to jump from cliffs and reach the other side and run a long distance instantly.  This will in effect remove the stress of traveling in game.  There is a clear difference in creating a large world and having a lot of content.

Q: What’s the meaning behind the title “Blade & Soul”?
A: I meant it literally. In martial-arts genre, the sword is the most important component.  Blade & Soul means that the piece of iron interacts with the soul of the owner.

Q: What’s the system requirements for the game?
A: The hardware specification is important [to the success of any game]. Developers know that. Surprisingly, the requirements will be low. I bought my computer 2 years ago and haven’t upgraded yet.  It will be a while until the release of Blade & Soul, and wouldn’t gamers upgrade their machines for Starcraft 2? (smile)

From’s article:

Q: Since you developed Lineage 2, what are some similarities between L2 and B&S?
A: I was the lead developer in Lineage 2 project and am currently the production director of Blade & Soul.  They are similar in genre; they are both MMORPG.  However, I want to try something different.  Combats, gears, items, and quests will be very different from that of conventional MMORPGs.

Q: The game stresses a lot of action–or PVP.  But, I highly doubt you can start PVP at level 1. Is there a level cap? And, when or at what level can players enjoy the PVP action and how much?
A: Everybody has a different experience with games.  Adjusting that cut-off line is a very delicate subject.  We can’t solve it by simply adding a tutorial so we’ll see what happens in beta tests.

From’s article:

Q: What’s the general storyline?
A: We’ll release more information about the world later on. Simply put, 4 races, in the post-genesis world, fight against gods to revert the world back to the state before the genesis.

Q: How important are consumable items such as potions and gears?
A: […] We are focusing more on weapons(swords) than armors.  That’s more martial-art-like.  There will also be enchantment or strengthening options.  Instead of potions, we are looking into healing skills.  There is no specific healer class.  Status–as in HP and MP–will be maintained through different methods.

Q: Will there be mounts?
A: We planned it.  However, we have not worked out the details.  We are not going to include free flying.  Basically, we will leave [the option of traveling] up to the user. For example, if you are a low level and want to cross a river, you have to find a bridge.  However, at a higher level, you can just jump over the river. […] This is the main difference between martial-arts and fantasy genres.

Q: Will NCsoft introduce Blade & Soul in foreign markets?
A: We are in the phase of development and never considered marketing elements. So far, the interaction among the foreign offices and the headquarter was limited to sharing what we created here(Korea). To our surprise, the game was well received in other countries.  The game is still premature, and it is too early to share it with foreign testers.  If we reach that point, we will consider it.

Here is the TIG’s video interview.  This one seems more exclusive. Most of the questions were already covered in the 47 Q&A, but some were not.

Q: Are you planning to reveal more characters?
A: There are 8 classes and 2 are revealed today(**NOTE: This is confusing.  There was no mention of any class in the video, but two races. But, he previously said there will be 4 races… huh?).  We showed you two classes: one that uses sword and another that uses fists.

Q: Is there a mage or healer class?
A: We will not follow the traditional RPG class system: tank, healer, ranged DPS, and melee DPS.  Our classes will be blends of these archetypes.


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