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[Blade & Soul] Secrets in the Video

On the 31st NCsoft, represented by Taek-Jin Kim) released 3 games through MEDIA DAY 2008 event.  Among them, Blade & Soul produced by PD Bae received the spotlight.  PD, Bae during an interview, revealed that there are a total of 4 races and 8 classes.  And, he hinted that only 2 races were officially revealed, but “by analyzing the video frame by frame, you will find an unrevealed race and interesting details.” So, we [PlayForum] did. We did discovered something interesting things.  Also, we were able to spot the 3rd race.  In this article, we will analyze details from interviews and the video, and we will scrutinize the two races and their respective skills.

New Race and Others

If you run the video slowly, you will be able to identify an undisclosed class and see arrows and cones which serves unknown purposes.

1. The 3rd Race

PD Bae confirmed the small character who appeared in the video to be one of the undisclosed race.

Its weapons and special characteristics are still unknown, but the video showed us this new race

Also, Gon’s ability to grow horns is one of its race-specific skill, and PD Bae said he would like to give a different number of race-specific skill to each race.  When asked whether the last animaion(shown below) is also a race-specific skill, he said yes.

2. The Mysterious Pointer

If you watch the video frame by frame, you will be able to see the mysterious pointer/arrow.

In the video, the arrow appears 3 times and colored differently.  We have no clue what it does.  Since it shows up near mobs, we think it indicates certain skills are usable.

3. Cone indicator

We were also able to locate couple cone-shaed-pointers.  The cone–which appears a total of 4 times–indicates places where the characters land from jumps or the “swift jump” skill.

In the video, we noticed that characters always landed on the spot indicated by the cone after running along a wall.  This appears twice in the video.

4. Transformation?

The video also includes scene where a wolf-like character running. It’s little odd that a mob is running at full speed for no reason.  Also, the camera was fixed to the character, so we concluded that it’s a user-controlled character.

We identified all 3 races.  The screenshot above may indicaed a 4th race or one of the 3 previously mentioned races transormed.

6. The Clan System

(**NOTE: the term “clan” is not equivalent to “guild” in a typical MMORPG.  In martial-arts world, each “clan” is associated with its unique martial-arts and history.  For example Karate, Kung-Fu, Judo and Tae-Kwon-Do all belong to different “clans.”  Today this is meaningless, but it is always emphasized in the genre of martial-arts as the cause of conflict whether they be games, novels, or comics)

We were also able to spot a group of characters from one clan.  Clan is indicated as [Clan Name].

(**NOTE: they all have the same clan name, and seems to be NPCs, but maybe mobs considering that this scene takes place in a dungeon)

7. Races


(**NOTE: it seems that they are arbitrarly using the term “race” and “class.” At this point, I am going to assume Jin and Gon belong to one race.  We need a clarification on this)

The first class revealed was Jin who uses sword.  Jin has slashing, piercing, throwing, and rushing skills.  Also, there is a skill that attacks multiple opponents simultaneously and that summons swords which appears to be a race-specific skill.

There also seems to be a skill that attacks all the enemies behind the primary target.  You can see the above same damage effect of 291 on two characters.

This is the most flashy attacking skill seen in the video.  Apparently, the character was beaten to death by the mobs soon after using the skill. It’s supposed to be a finishing skill according to PD Bae.

Jin can also rush with a sword in hand.

This is a sword throwing skill.  The sword returns after giving damaging to the opponent.

Jin’s race-specific skill which summons multiple swords.  We think they are merely spirits of the sword.


The 2nd class revealed was Gon.  Gon uniqueness comes from its glove-like weapons.  There is a blocking, moving [behind the opponent], massive pounding, and mid-air combo skills.  There is a race-specific skill which grows horns from their back.  Despite its colorful effect, its purpose is unknown.

Gon blocks the enemy attack.  With a sound effect, the attacker is momentarily stunned.

This character carves a Chinese character on the ground by stomping.  It is supposed to attack enemies in front.

The female Gon pushes back the opponent with her back.  It has a stunning visual effect.

The famous pounding scene.  The skill includes face-punching, two-hand smash, and arm-breaking which casts like a combo.  It also includes a head-butt.

A move skill that allows you to move behind or to a side an enemy.  It does not do any damage, but you can quickly shift your position.

The race-skill tha grows horns.  It casts with a fantastic visual effect, but its uses is unknown.


As PD Bae said, we were able to find interesting little facts from the video.


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