NCsoft’s Unofficial “Blade and Soul” Video

Somehow got a hold of the new unofficial video.  The following translation is done by vigevano.  Sorry for the poor quality–it was rushed.

[Original] NCsoft’s Unofficial “Blade and Soul” Video

NCsoft unveiled an unofficial video of the next-gen MMORPG “Blade and Soul.”

Mr. Bae in charge of the development of Blade and Soul released an eight-minute clip on the 13th at Yeon-Sae Digital Game Academy.

Mr. Bae was invited as a special guest to the “Culture + Industry = Game” conference.  At the event he made a surprise release of a new video which contains more detail than the one shown on the Media Day back in July.  The videos seem to be created around the same time considering a number of identical scenes.

The new video is more detailed and shows off more action.  Viewers can spot a new race and watch various boss combats.


You can watch the video here.
You can get the stream–with no audio–here.


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