NCsoft’s 2008 Progress Report & PS3 Rumors

I’ve been very busy and just found out the other day that NCsoft made its progress report.  The NCsoft rep. talks about projected date for CBT of “Blade & Soul” and answers questions regarding its console version.  This article is from  The translation is done by Vigevano.

NCsoft: “Blade & Soul CBT in Q4 2009 and full release in 2010”

Through the 2008 progress report and conference call on the 12th, NCsoft announced that the next-gen MMORPG “Blade & Soul” CBT will begin in the 4th quarter of 2009.

NCsoft’s plan for the 2009 year includes “Blade & Soul” CBT in 2009 Q4 and its release sometime in 2010. Taek-jin Kim representative noted, “Detailed milestones and development progress will be revealed on the NC Media day in May.”

Regarding questions about console game development, he answered, “The console game market is huge in North America and Japan compared to their online PC game market. We are developing major titles such as “Aion” with the possibility console version in mind.” He added that the studio is also developing “Blade and Soul” with flexibility in mind, but it is too early to announce anything certain.

The representative also said, “The console market and online game market came much closer. There’s no technical difficulty, or quality of games, servers, and network problems. However, there’s a vast gap between the two interface environment. This seems to be the only major problem. In order to develop console games, this interface problem must be resolved.”



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