Everything about Blade & Soul

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developer: NCsoft
team: Bloodlust(2006)
genre: oriental martial-arts MMORPG
mature rating: 15+
platform: PC (might be ported to P3 as well)
game engine: Unreal 3 Engine
completion: 50% until beta(closed beta in Q4 2009?)
system requirements: PC but hardware specification is currently unknown. However, the developers are running 2 year old machines.

Races and classes
– the rumor is that there are 4 races and 8 classes(confirmed but needs clarification: some reporters wrote Jin and Gon to be classes)
– no healing/mage class
– a new class system(unlike a typical mmo: tank, healer, mage, etc.)
– most human like race
– uses swords

– noticeably taller than Jin
– does not use weapon
– grows horns(wings?) when using a skill

– a possible ability to transform into a wolf-like monster

– a struggle against mythological gods responsible for the genesis.
– protagonists will try to revert the world back to pre-genesis times.
– the story is based on “Song of Genesis” from a Korean legend.

General Game-play
combat and quest(scenario) would make up the content of the game
– leveling in terms of proficiency with weapons
– streaming zone(seamless world)
– weather and time would affect the number/type of monsters in the zone
– some areas will be only accessible by mid-air-dash“swift jump”
– there will be more interaction with the environment than other MMOs(trees, stones, etc.)
– there are mounts

– itemization will be different (no potions)
– there will be enchantment/strengthening of weapons

there will be no skill-bar on screen
– position in relation to the opponent will be very important
– there are counter-skills that can be used against others




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